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Curtain Walls

The Curtain Wall system is a modern technical solution for the treatment of complete facades multiple storeys high, or parts of the building, staircases, etc.. The Curtain Wall has several build options: classical, semi-structural or structural.

Complete glazing enclosures are performed in a very safe and time saving manner. We can mount glass, natural stone or aesthetic board parapets (aluminum; stainless steel) on the same plane as the glazing facade.

Prefabricated glass elements are mounted on site on the metal structure. Besides secure grip glass, we can also mount swinging windows, such as the hidden wing type. When open, they highlight the façade design, and, when shut, they perfectly integrate with its structure, becoming practically unnoticeable from the outside.

The aluminum construction is equipped with a draining system, as to direct possible condensation towards the base of the façade. TehnoREX uses all SCHüCO profile systems when executing curtain walls, among which:

FW 50+ -> the foundation of the Structural Glazing solution, used for smaller works, such as staircase entrances, atriums and lobbies. This system allows for the introduction of insulated fixed panes, simple glass parapets or swinging windows. Moreover, the joints between the window panes are covered with UV proof silicone.