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Exterior Ornamental Plating

The system of ornamental strand boards is used for executing interior partition walls, ornamental plating on interior or exterior walls, façade beams, columns, etc..


TehnoREX uses four systems of ornamental panels:

• Etalbond – manufactured by ETEM S.A.;

• Alucobond – manufactured by ALUSUISSE SINGEN GmbH;

• Reynobond – brand of the company REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY.


Etalbond composite panels are “sandwich” panels consisting of a non-toxic polyethylene layer (core) between 2 and 5 mm thick, bound in the middle of two aluminum sheets 0.5 mm thick. The product is manufactured through the most modern co-extrusion technology. The frontal aluminum sheet is covered with a durable paint layer, protected with plastic foil throughout manufacturing, transport and installation. Etalbond panels currently have the following dimension selections: 3, 4 and 6mm in thickness; 1000, 1250 and 1500mm wide and between 1000 and 5000 mm long.

Alucobond composite panels consist of a sandwich board, made of two aluminum sheets bonded to a mineral or articificial core. The sandwich material is rigid and highly resistant to shock, collisions and pressure, proving resistant to bending, squashing and buckling. This resistance is given by the outer sheets of Peraluman - 100, 0.5 mm thick. Alucobond panels are 3, 4 and 6 mm thick, and Alucobond A2 are 3 and 4 mm thick. Linear heat dilation is 2.4 mm/m, for a difference in temperature of 100 K. The sound absorption capacity is 0.05 for panels of all sizes.

Reynobond composite panels are also composite panels consisting of a thermoplastic compound core between two aluminum sheets 0.5 mm thick. The components are bonded together through double action, chemical and mechanical, having thorough adherence throughout the whole surface. Reynobond is exceptionally flat, resistant to corrosion and has a small dilation coefficient. It also has very good mechanical features and it is lighter than steel panels (3 or 4 times) or solid aluminum (1.6 times).