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Skylights and domes are works that push support, thermal insulation and water proofing solutions to the extreme.

Tehnorex's extensive experience in this field of work has allowed us to identify of the most beneficial and safe profiles for each type of construction. Hence, two types of profiles are used: SK 60 and FW 50, both manufactured by SCHüCO.

Using these two profiles, we can create both supporting and self supporting structures, with a large diversity of shapes and volumes: roofs with a slope of 5 to 45 degrees, greenhouses, fully glazed terraces etc.. Elements with variable openings (windows, sliding doors, ventilation hatches, ventilators) can also be integrated. The aluminum profile systems have separate planes for draining condensation water and for ventilation.There are special profiles to join the structure, as well as incorporated elements.

The glazing can be executed with reflective insulated glass (for solar protection), and also burglar-proof glass.

The gaskets and accessories are supplied by SCHüCO; their quality is beyond reproach, contributing to cutting maintenance costs, and obtaining the comfort level the customer desires.

The construction of skylights, terraces and greenhouses pertains to group 2.1 of materials, respectively 1 according to DIN 4108.