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Aluminum Joinery

The joinery is the most exposed construction element. Water and wind pressure, temperature variation, the characteristics of the surrounding area and mechanical shocks all affect the joinery over time.

Taking into account all of the above factors, we consider that both the quality of the profile and the execution of the shutting system are essential for reliable joinery.

For aluminum joinery, TehnoREX uses SCHüCO, Reynaers, Alumil and Etem profiles. Almost all series of profiles are provided with two chambers due to the thermal insulation rods. Therefore, the profiles allow for two-color solutions: the iinner side has a different colour from the outer side. These profiles can be used for windows in wall gaps, or as window strips or fixed glazing surfaces, recommended for flooring compartments, staircase walls and reception areas. Ultimately, the choice of profile type depends on the shape of the windows, statics and the requirements of the objective.

The SCHüCO window profiles are built following the three-compartment principle, making the build stable and statically safe. Moreover, coupled aluminum profiles and polyamide insulating interrupt heat flow.

The median gaskets, directly attached to the large pre-compartments are distinctive signs of special sealing. Besides this, on the interior side of the window, a gasket is added to where the sash meets the frame. Water proof glazing can also be used, with the possibility of having thermal insulating capabilities, providing sound protection and security. For special profiles we can also use bulletproof glass.