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PVC Joinery

PVC joinery. It increases thermal comfort by 30%. It decreases the noise level by 40%. It provides easy maintenance, energy saving and a solid seal.

PVC joinery has small dilation and contraction coefficients, as the PVC profiles are thermally welded. Thanks to this, over time the possibility for the thermal insulation to break around the corners, due to building movements, is much lower.

The colour palette includes 15 colours expressed in RAL codes. PVC profiles may imitate wood such as oak, dark oak, light oak, mahogany, douglasie and oregon.

TehnoREX produces PVC joinery in a large variety of shapes and dimensions, using profiles from SCHüCO and Gealan. At all production levels, TehnoREX pays special attention to quality, making continuous investments in state of the art technology and tools.

The fittings TehnoREX uses are SCHüCO or Gealan, allowing for all types of opening: swinging, tilt and turn, sliding, etc..

All materials used, from the PVC profiles to hardware and glass are nationally compliant and internationally certified.

TehnoREX's products are manufactured as per the beneficiary’s needs, regardless of the complexity of the work. The beneficiary may choose not only the shape and colour of the product, but also all its technical qualities, by combining different components.