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TehnoREX Group started its production in 1996 with the production of aluminum skylights with a self-supporting structure, aluminum windows, doors and compartments, equipped with heat and sound proof glass.

The growing demand for aluminum joinery resulted in the implementation of the Curtain Wall systems and façade cladding in 1997. After having used SchüCO International products for over 7 years, we consider ourselves to be a quality partner of the large German Company on the Romanian market . In our experience, opting for SCHüCO means choosing a very good price-quality ratio and offers the buyer a proven advantage.

The glazing used by TehnoREX is manufactured by the most prominent countries in Europe. According to the designers' choices and also the project's objectives, we can choose between glazing manufactured by SAINT-GOBAIN, GLAVERBEL and GUARDIAN.

Concerning the production of metallic halls, we have implemented systems such as RUUKI, ISOPAN or KINGSPAN. Nonetheless, TehnoREX encourages the use of local products, on metallic structures manufactured in our own workshops, with sandwich walls with polyurethane foam or mineral cotton.

Lately, TehnoREX has been promoting PVC Joinery, by using profiles and accessories from SCHüCO, GEALAN, TROCAL, ROTO, G-U, etc.. PVC doors and windows with insulating glazing units represent an inexpensive solution for apartment and house owners.

An important part of the group activity is that of AUTOMATIC DOORS, may it be garage doors, sectional or rolling doors, sliding or rotating doors, automatic doors with sensors or radio receivers/transmitters. All of the above products are supplied by reputable companies in this field of work (Hormann, Besam, Thormax, Boon Edam, Dorma).

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